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First-rate asset allocation through successful fund managers

LGT manages a large part of the assets of the Princely Family of Liechtenstein. It has many years of experience in asset allocation as well as developing individual client solutions.

Asset allocation is the allocation of investments to the different asset classes. We do this using a disciplined process and regularly review our allocations. In order to put together the best investment solutions for our clients, we focus on three key areas.


Attractive investment opportunities in LGT funds

Mixed funds
Mixed funds pursue a predefined investment strategy and invest in different asset classes.

Money market funds
This asset class includes securities with maximum maturities of one year that are traded in money markets.

Bonds invest in fixed income asset classes.

By investing in equities, investors benefit from companies' success.

Commodities are an investment topic of the future. Investments in commodities help to diversify portfolios.

Insurance-linked investments
An attractive asset class exhibiting low correlation to traditional markets.

Princely Strategy
The Princely Strategy (GIM) allows investors to invest their assets in accordance with the same strategy as the Princely Family of Liechtenstein.


Investments in LGT investment solutions and LGT funds open up opportunities but also entail risk: your investment profile is the crucial factor. Discuss the options with an LGT client advisor.