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Call money and time deposit: short-term fixed-income investments offering greater liquidity

Time deposits, call money and fiduciary investments from LGT offer attractive rates for professional cash management for short terms ranging from one week to twelve months and more.

Call money deposits

Call money is an ideal short-term investment instrument for flexible cash management. It involves investing your money for an indeterminate term at a variable rate of interest.

Your advantages with call money:

  • Callable with 24 hours' notice
  • Free choice of amount from CHF 250,000 or equivalent in foreign currency
  • Available in a wide range of currencies
  • Suitable as collateral

Call money, time deposits and fiduciary investments all open up new opportunities, but also involve risks. Your investment profile is the decisive factor. Discuss your options with an LGT client advisor. Interest income on call money and time deposits is subject to withholding tax in Switzerland.

Time deposit

A time deposit are a form of short-term investment with a term of one week to twelve months. LGT's products have a fixed maturity date, a fixed amount and a fixed rate of interest. No commissions or fees are charged on them.

Your advantages with time deposits:

  • Free choice of term
  • Minimum investment amount depends on term
  • Available in most currencies
  • Suitable as collateral

Fiduciary investments

Fiduciary investments are fixed-income instruments that LGT places on behalf of and for the account of a client at another bank. They have similar terms to time deposits, ranging from forty-eight hours to twelve months. Aside from the leading currencies CHF, USD, EUR and GBP, they are available in all tradable cur-rencies.

Your advantages with fiduciary investments:

  • Terms from forty-eight hours to twelve months
  • Available in most currencies
  • Suitable as collateral