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Securities, foreign currency or derivative: investment opportunities worldwide

Thanks to its global network, LGT can offer you full access to all of the world's main stock markets and exchanges around the clock. Invest your liquid assets in the short, medium or long term in securities, a foreign currency or derivative managed by LGT's trading experts, giving you access to excellent investment opportunities worldwide.

Time deposits, call deposits and fiduciary investments

Choose your preferred term and currency for short-term fixed-income.

Medium-term notes and LGT bonds

Our high rating coupled with attractive interest rates forms an ideal basis for longer-term fixed income investments.

Currency and precious metals

With a full range of instruments, LGT offers fast and flexible access to the world's forex and precious metals markets. Specialized, globally networked traders in Vaduz and Singapore are on hand around the clock.


Equities give you a share in a listed company's capital. We offer electronic access to the world's stock markets and immediately book orders to your account.


Whether money market funds, equity funds, bond funds or real estate funds, we offer full access to highly qualified managers in most countries and will be happy to advise you. As a private investor, take advantage of LGT's professional selection process and distribution network.


Using a diversified and proven network of counterparties, we continually seek to offer the best possible price in all tradable currencies.

Structured products

We combine various asset classes such as equities, bonds, fixed-income investments and derivatives into customized structured products that match your own risk-return profile. A team of specialists assists your LGT client advisor at the selection stage. We will call on a wide range of providers to ensure that we can quickly put together a competitive offer for you.

Derivative, options and futures

LGT gives you access to exchange-traded options and futures as well as non-standardized derivatives traded directly between banks. Options and futures positions give you the opportunity to achieve a higher return than with traditional investments for a relatively small capital outlay. We have in-depth product understanding for these higher-risk investments.

Investments in securities, currency and derivative open up new opportunities, but also involve risks. Your investment profile is the decisive factor. Discuss your options with an LGT client advisor.