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Career starters at LGT

Have you completed school and are seeking a promising alternative to studying? Or perhaps you are looking for the ideal place to launch your career having finished your studies?

We offer you the ideal start to your professional life, for a long and successful career.


Commercial apprenticeship – banking sector

Gain a professional qualification in commerce over the course of three interesting and varied years at LGT.

IT apprenticeship – focus on systems engineering

The four-year IT apprenticeship provides you with diverse and challenging basic training.

Liechtenstein and Switzerland

Career start for high school leavers (BEM)

Start a career in banking after successfully completing high school.

Vocational high school long-term internship

Complete the compulsory long-term internship with us while attending vocational high school.


LGT Graduate Program

If you are a Master’s graduate, we offer you comprehensive training, tailored to a particular target role.


Illaria Gantner
LGT Bank, Vaduz

"What I particularly like about my training is that I’m learning about lots of interesting subjects, getting an insight into various departments and am able to use my language and number skills on a day-to-day basis."