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Financing: loans, mortgage and special financing solutions

We broaden your opportunities with financing solutions on attractive terms.

LGT has attractive financing offers. Your client advisor will be happy to discuss in detail options and conditions for mortgage, loans or financing solutions especially drawn up for you, such as Lombard loans, international real estate financing, trade finance solutions and guarantees

Lombard loan

The LGT Lombard loan allows you to make additional investments at short notice on favorable terms without having to sell any of your assets. We provide you with a variable credit limit that you can use at any time to purchase securities or for any other  liquidity needs. 
The maximum credit limit is determined by the lending value of your securities pledged as collateral as calculated by the Bank.  A low interest rate for your LGT Lombard loan is possible for drawdowns in the form of fixed advances.

Mortgage for real estate financing

LGT offers various types of mortgage at attractive conditions to finance real estate in Switzerland and Liechtenstein.
Our seasoned international financing experts can draw up tailored real estate financing solutions for you in selected countries such as Austria, France, Monaco, the UK, Singapore and Hong Kong.

Trade financing

LGT offers its clients global know-how and comprehensive solutions in import, export and trade finance to help secure and settle international trade payments.


A bank guarantee is a promise by LGT to pay a third party on our client's behalf. We commit for you in our name and with our prime credit rating, for example for university fees or warranties in connection with the sale of companies or real estate.

Special financing

Our seasoned international experts draw up secure financing solutions on a covered basis to meet the individual financing needs of LGT clients within the constraints of our risk policy. Covered financing requires collateral in the form of assets that can be easily realized such as tradable securities and life insurance policies with redemption value

Not all forms of financing are offered at all LGT locations. Restrictions may apply due to your domicile or other criteria. Financing opens up new opportunities, but also involves risks. Your investment profile is the decisive factor. Discuss your financing options with your client advisor.

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