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LGT investment approach to traditional and alternative investments

We select those portfolio managers for you that demonstrably achieve added value.

Through our tried and tested investment approach and our investment expertise, we develop individual solutions for our clients using traditional and alternative investment instruments. Our Asset Management units have built up investment expertise in asset allocation and the selection of portfolio managers which – in terms of its breadth, depth and track record – is unique for the sector:

  • Asset allocation: According to a number of studies, the optimum strategic and tactical allocation of in-vestments to the different asset classes (asset allocation) is far more important to investment success than the selection of specific instruments and securities.
  • Manager selection: In each area, we select those portfolio managers that have already demonstrated that they achieve added value, irrespective of whether they work at our company or elsewhere. This means that, for traditional asset classes, for commodities and in the areas of private equity and hedge funds we can offer our clients access to outstanding asset managers.

Our investment approach receives regular awards from a number of external analysts, including the fund analysis company Lipper.

Invest like the Princely Family

The impetus for establishing our Asset Management units stemmed from the investment needs of the Princely House of Liechtenstein. The Princely Family is firmly of the opinion that a broad spreading of investment risks and close collaboration with outstanding managers in the different risk categories and asset classes are the prerequisites for sustained investment success. Nowadays, our clients can also benefit from this investment approach. We offer them the opportunity to invest their assets or part of them in accordance with the same strategy as the Princely Family of Liechtenstein.

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