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LGT Venture Philanthropy: solutions for your socially responsible investing

The goal of philanthropy is to improve the quality of life of less advantaged people.  LGT Venture Philanthropy provides young, fast-growing social organizations in Latin America, Africa, India, South East Asia and China with funding, know-how and access to networks.

Four billion people survive on less than two US dollars a day. They need effective solutions in areas such as education, healthcare, waste management and energy that will enhance their quality of life over the longer term.

Socially responsible investing with LGT Venture Philanthropy

  • provides support to social organizations that offer an effective solution to a social or environmental problem through investments and donations
  • demonstrates effective solutions, inspiring people to make a social commitment
  • advises and supports people in implementing their own, successful philanthropic commitment

Socially responsible investing

LGT Venture Philanthropy helps social organizations to grow with grants, loans and equity investments with the explicit objective not to interfere with competition and in accordance with free market principles. High-quality investment, management and controlling processes are used in seeking to ensure that the funds entrusted to LGT Venture Philanthropy achieve the greatest possible benefit with the highest degree of transparency.

LGT Venture Philanthropy pursues a clear investment philosophy:

  • thorough selection and review of local organizations
  • tailored financing used for a specific purpose
  • continual supervision and support of the organizations
  • regular review and reporting

Services for clients

LGT Venture Philanthropy is something which the Princely House of Liechtenstein has committed itself to. The implementation and advisory services are available to individuals, family offices, trusts and companies.

  • LGT Venture Philanthropy offers its clients local teams in six regions with key local networks and partnerships
  • experience of implementing the commitment for the Princely Family
  • tried-and-tested systems and processes for a successful, philanthropic commitment

Find out more about social responsible investing on the LGT Venture Philanthropy website: